31+ Ways to Use Essential Oils in Everyday Life

31 Everyday Ways to use Essential Oils

I’ve been using essential oils for several years now! Sometimes I know people wonder WHAT IN THE WORLD do you do with those things? How do you use them?

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  1. Using my diffusers — making my main living space SMELL WONDERFUL (without harsh/toxic chemicals)
  2. Almost ALL my oils I put in roller bottles diluted with a carrier oil – I feel like this makes the oils last longer AND it is safe to use this way for my children as well! I use almond oil and fractionated coconut oil for my carrier oil.
  3. Diffusers in bedrooms – especially when a child is sick, placing a diffuser beside their bed to help them breathe in the oils and help them even as they sleep!
  4. Thieves (diluted & in roller bottles) on feet daily to help build our immune system
  5. A few drops (I use lavender & citrus) on dryer balls to cut down on time in the dryer for your clothes
  6. Pan Away – I’ve rubbed pan away in some lotion or coconut oil onto my aching back
  7. Digize – rubbing digize in some lotion onto my son’s stomach almost immediately helped stomach pains to go away
  8. Frankincense – I use 1 drop in my moisturizer each evening before bed
  9. Progessence – I’m using several drops of this daily to help with bad periods/female issues (I’ve had great results, but I’m going to wait for a few more cycles to give a full report!) And Yes! There’s an oil for that! ha!
  10. RC – this was the first oil that got me hooked! My son gets an annual cough, a friend brought RC over in a roller bottle diluted. I rubbed it on his chest and feet multiple times throughout the day and night and his cough didn’t last the 1-2 months it usually does! He was better within a week.
  11. Allergy blend – the blend of lavender, peppermint & lemon has helped us anytime we have runny noses, stuffy noses, etc.
  12. Thieves Household Cleaner – I’m slowly replacing all my household cleaners with these! (I also made homemade cleaning wipes with it! Post coming soon!)
  13. Any citrus or JOY blend – when I need a boost of energy or motivation, I often smell my favorite oils and rub them on my wrists. Citrus just makes me happy.
  14. Face wash – I use a mixture of castille soap and a few oils to wash my face! Lavender, tea tree, etc.
  15. Baths – take a warm bath with some epsom salts and a drop or two of lavender oil to help you relax before bed!
  16. Thieves tea – When I feel a cold coming on (or already have a sore throat or cold!) I put 1 drop of Thieves into a spoonful of honey (it mixes better with honey rather than water) and stir that into my hot tea of any kind!
  17. Minor burns – you can help the ease the pain of a minor burn by using a roller bottle with carrier oil + lavender in it!
  18. Purification in my diffuser – when there was a lot of sickness going around in our area, I put purification in my diffuser on the days I teach piano lessons! Lots of germs coming in and out and I was hoping to keep the spreading of sickness germs to a minimum!
  19. Massages – I am not a huge massage person, but I have friends that love to use lotion and put a drop or two of their favorite scent and then rub a back for a massage.
  20. Quick pick-me- up – just SMELL the bottle of peppermint for a quick pick me up in the middle of a long day. BE CAREFUL with peppermint – don’t get it on your fingers and then rub your face, eyes. But just smelling the oils has amazing benefits!
  21. Help to reduce scars with frankincense.
  22. Indigestion or tummy aches – use 1 drop of peppermint in a carrier oil or lotion to rub on tummies. Make SURE you don’t rub peppermint directly on skin – it is a “hot oil.” Dilute in a roller bottle or use rub in with lotion.
  23. Sore muscles after exercising or running – rub Pan Away on your achy muscles with lotion or carrier oil
  24. Headaches – my daughter has preferred Pan Away on her temples (in roller bottle with carrier oil) for headaches. I have friends who use peppermint for headaches.
  25. Odor neutralizer – burn dinner? Pets in the home? Diffusing purification is GREAT for helping to rid your home of bad smells.
  26. Put a few drops (any oil!) on a cotton ball, place in the air vents of your vehicle — WOW!! I hate to admit that we often eat in our van and then leave food trash/bags/wrappers in the van. Ahem. So sometimes you get in the van the next day and can still smell yesterday’s dinner or snack. YUCK. In addition to cleaning out the trash in the van, place a cotton ball with just 2-3 drops of oils on them in the air vents and your van will be smelling AMAZING within minutes!
  27. Growing pains – my son has been experiencing pain in his legs somewhat regularly over the past year. I get a little lotion and put a drop of Pan Away in it, rub on his legs for relief.
  28. Girly hormonal moods – I’m using the Dragon blend on myself and my tween/teen girls. Enough said. LOL!
  29. Fight infections –¬†whenever we have sickness in our house, I use diluted oregano in a roller bottle on our feet, necks, chest. It SMELLS. Warning. But it works. Do some research on how oregano has been used before antibiotics came into use!
  30. Use lemon oil to replace lemon juice in your recipes!
  31. Hand sanitizer – for a healthier hand sanitizer, use coconut oil or your favorite lotion, put 1 drop of thieves in the lotion, rub over your hands!
  32. Citrus or peppermint when you first wake up in the morning — helps you WAKE UP! All you have to do is SMELL it!
  33. In my 5-minute lotion recipe!

31 Everyday Uses for Essential Oils

Emotional Wellness

As I’ve been researching essential oils lately, one thing I keep coming across is how just using ANY and ALL essential oils (of high quality) will increase your emotional well being. Better moods. I don’t know about you, but that is something I’m ALWAYS interested in improving in my own life, as one who has struggled with depression in the past, as well as having a household of moody tween/teen hormones raging! LOL!!

Here are some articles that tell more about the benefits to our emotions with essential oils:

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