One Year in the Psalms


One Year in the Psalms

So many of you have been enjoying the Write the Word posts we’ve been doing!

Write the Word. Pray the Word.

Here are the resources I’ve shared thus far:


Psalm 119


The Last Days of Jesus from Matthew


Now, I have a larger plan that will actually include 365 + 10 days! A whole year PLUS more in the Psalms! (The reason it is more days than 365 is because I tried to break up the readings into either complete chapters OR where it made sense to split them up.

This newest Write the Word plan to spend One Year in the Psalms is FREE for subscribers!

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The Problem with Sharing

I was thinking the other day about some ironies of being an introvert. So I began jotting them down in this blog post. Please feel free to add your own items to this list in the comments! I’m sure I missed a few!

Introvert Problems…

I love being alone, but I often still feel lonely. When I get up in the morning, there is nothing I want more than to get a cup of coffee, grab my Bible and a good book and sit on my back porch. I could stay here for hours. Yet, I must get on with my life. Sometimes when I get up from that spot with God, I am lonely for adult interaction. I realize God is always with me, but sometimes I want to know that someone else cares, too.

I dislike the phone, but sometimes wish someone would text me out of the blue just to see how I’m doing. If you call me on the phone, there is a 1 in 4 chance I may not answer it. I may be homeschoooling. Or I may immediately wonder what I’ve done wrong, so I avoid answering. Or I may just not know what to say. However, as I go about my day, I get lonely when I don’t hear from people. Probably why I love social media! I love sending and receiving texts of encouragement, even just a “hey, how is your day going?” kind of text.

I dislike big crowds for hours on end and having to be “on” yet I crave time with a good friend over coffee. I think that because I have announced my introverted-ness by sharing awesome articles I read online, people may think that I don’t care to be invited places. Usually I share these articles because it feels good to be understood and I have gone most of my life feeling misunderstood. I read an article and I’m like, “WOW, someone else gets it!”

I love social media but I have wondered if because I’m so active on there folks think I must have tons of friends in real life. Social media is often my outlet on a bad day. An escape when I need some adult interaction. A way to share and encourage others. God has given me an online ministry in this place. And yes, I am very busy. But most of that is with homeschooling and teaching 40 piano students. I wonder if I don’t get invited places because I’m unlikeable or because I’ve said “I’m an introvert and love being alone” one too many times! LOL!

As one with an online ministry of encouragement, I often feel encouragement-starved myself. I realize that this can be God’s way of nudging me to be more intentional about relationships in real life. Friendship seems to be hard for me, well any relationship. ha! But sometimes when I try to think about the last time someone said some encouraging words to me to build me up, I come up blank. I don’t say that to guilt anyone reading this that is a friend in real life. I obviously don’t do a good job of this either! I struggle with this in my own home!

As I struggle through these things, I am reminded that Jesus is a FRIEND to sinners. He is my friend. I have the constant presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. I have His Word to lift me up. I have Him to give me strength when I feel weak.

Yet, God also gave us people. Relationships. Friendships. How can we serve and love others if no one is there? Navigating just how to be more intentional with people has been hard for me. I’m in a small group that I adore. I mean, I love these people. Yet, often, I only see them on Sunday nights and that’s it. I don’t need hundreds of people checking in with me, but a handful


January Favorite Things

What I am loving in the New Year…

It’s barely 2 weeks into the new year and the goals have been  stated, the new routines are forming, and here are a few things I’m loving…


Smoothies are by far the easiest way for me to get in several servings of FRUITS and VEGGIES. I can always tell I have more energy when I’m having a daily smoothie! I have had this blender for years now and *love it.*

Here’s what I toss into the blender for my smoothies, and without measuring, which would feed a few of us:

  • 1 banana
  • 1 avocado
  • 2 big handfuls spinach
  • small handful frozen strawberries
  • small handful frozen blueberries or any frozen fruit
  • greek yogurt
  • orange juice (half my household likes MILK in their smoothies, I prefer the citrus taste)


I am drinking a GALLON of water everyday! I’m feeling GOOD!

My Journaling Bible

I have a renewed love for my Bible at the beginning of this year. I think it must be reading the book Women of the Word and realizing just what a treasure we have in those pages! And the journaling Bible just provides so much room in the margins for note taking and prayers and such…

Bullet Journal

Super uber simple, I followed Edie’s methods in her free video found here.  So. I was NOT going to jump on the bullet journal band wagon. I wasn’t going to do it! Til I was at a goal setting workshop with the amazing Dr. Edie of LifeinGrace blog and she pretty much convinced me. {grin} She has a free video you can sign up to receive in your email and it goes over exactly how she does it. Her ideas are so simple that we can all benefit from it!

Essential oils

I also have a growing and somewhat renewed love for my oils. I have been using Young Living oils for a little over a year now. I can tell such a difference in these oils and the ones I used to use. My mood and overall emotional well being is more STABLE, I’m using their fruit juice supplement and have more ENERGY, our house is generally very WELL. I taught my first class on DITCHING THE TOXINS via video on facebook. I am just loving it all!

Exercising regularly

Ouch. Yep. It’s the beginning of a new year, of course I am exercising. LOL! But I feel so.much.better. I told my husband that weight lifting and walking/jogging 3-4 times a week leaves me feeling empowered. Like I really CAN do hard things. Maybe I’m not a wimp after all. And, handling stress is something I actually can do when I’m exercising. My body needs it.

Live videos for inspiration

Are any of you enjoying  live videos from your favorite bloggers and online authors as much as I am?? Some of my favorites:

Edie Wadsworth of LifeinGrace blog, she also leads the essential oil group I’m in, she does videos and classes online and also does AMAZING videos and talks in our business building group. She has done a goal setting workshop, a talk on living out of LOVE and not fear, how to grow your business and more. If you want to join our Young Living team, please send me a message.

Crystal Paine of Money Saving Mom – I’ve done a few of her courses which are video based but I also have loved her periscopes and facebook live videos through 2016 as she talked about her year of rest.

The Essential Oils I Use Every Single Day

These little bottles of oils are amazing. They have improved my life and my mood so much that I have to share! Have you ever wondered what all the hype was about? What in the world do people even do with these oils? Well, I’m here to tell you how I personally use them each and everyday!

**In this video I discuss a household cleaner and some other items for detoxifying your home. I will be sharing those in a blog post coming next week! A Part 2 for this post! 

Oils in the Morning

  • Frankincense – there are so many amazing benefits to using frankincense on a regular basis. I mean, they brought it to the baby Jesus, right?? It is so good for your skin so I mix it in with my face lotion everyday. It is also good for helping to maintain low stress levels.
  • Dragon Time – this is the 2nd type of female/hormone oil that I use. I have been using progessence (explained in my night time oils) for 1 year and 2 months now. It has changed my female life. I had terrible cycles all through my life. The progessence helped with every single physical symptom. No more cramps, cycle cut in half, amazing. Well, the Dragon Time has been recently added to my routine to try to help with the extreme moods that come right before my cycle. I’ve been using it 3 months and it does seem to be helping! I rub 2 drops onto my stomach every morning and then 1 drop on the back of my neck.
  • Joy – joy is my happy smell. I rub it on my chest and neck every morning and am reminded to CHOOSE JOY and GRATITUDE.
  • Helichrysm – I’ve only been using this oil for about week! I got it FREE with my monthly order from Young Living! It’s an expensive oil so I wouldn’t typically have bought it, but it’s supposed to be good for scars as well as things like ringing ears, etc. I’m using it on a spot on my face that I’m hoping will disappear. 🙂 I will keep y’all posted!


Oils Throughout the Day

  • Thieves – this is our immunity blend and also happens to smell wonderful. We use it even when we aren’t sick because I like to be proactive with my oils and not just reactive! We are rarely sick in our home so I figure it must be helping!
  • Orange in my Diffuser – orange makes me happy. So I use orange nearly everyday, usually in combination with one other thing. I do orange & lavender, orange & peppermint, orange and ANYTHING is amazing. 🙂 I have my diffuser running all day in our main living area.
  • Grapefruit – I love grapefruit in my water! Anything citrus is usually my favorite.
  • Allergy blend – LLP is the allergy bomb. Actually we use it for ANY congestion and sniffles, ear pain, etc.
  • Focus Blend for my son – I mix Vetiver and Cedarwood to help my son focus well during our homeschool day!

Oils Before Bed

  • Progessence – The progessence is what I mentioned above that has helped my cycles so much. Pretty much the miracle oil. 😉 I put 2 drops on the inside of each ankle at night before bed.
  • Cedarwood – this is an oil that can be used for several things, but I use it to help me sleep at night! I have it in a roller bottle mixed with Lavender and I roll it on the bottoms of my feet.
  • Lavender – the calming, swiss army knife of oils! If you don’t know what oil to use in a certain instance, use lavender. I use it at night to help me get good rest.
  • Stress Away – I put this in my diffuser at night because my husband doesn’t care for the smell of Cedarwood in the diffuser. 🙂 Stress away has a vanilla-y type smell.

Resources I Use with My Oils

Carrier Oil – I love using ROLLER BOTTLES on my oils because I can add my own blends and also add a carrier oil to DILUTE the oil and make it last longer! It also goes on much easier with the roller top. This fractionated coconut oil is what I’ve been using as my carrier oil for the last year.

Roller Bottles – The BEST roller bottle tops are the stainless ones from Young Living that fit directly onto a YL bottle. The roller ball is stainless and it so much smoother than the plastic or anything else I’ve found. You can get a package of 10 for 9.95 I believe. (You get at least one in your starter kit!) I have ordered these pretty roller bottles as gifts for Christmas! They are very pretty.

Diffusers – I have multiple Young Living diffusers in my home and love them. I also have a few from Amazon that have worked really well too! I have this one, which has lasted more than a year so far. We had this one and loved it as well!  And  yet one more we’ve had for over a year and it’s still going strong! (WHY YES, I love diffusers and have them in every bedroom and our living areas!! I believe in the power of aromatherapy that much!)

Starter Kit

The starter kit is *the* best deal if you want to get more than one oil! You get 11 amazing oils, a DIFFUSER, some samples, a roller tops, some small sample bottles you can share with friends…it’s amazing.

Go here if you’d like to sign up and join our team! Our team is blessed to have Dr. Edie Wadsworth as our leader, it has been so fascinating to learn about oils from a doctor’s perspective. When you join our team, you get added to her facebook group just for our team members. We have lots of classes, videos, you can ask questions, etc.

Freebies for January

If you join in January with the purchase of a starter kit, you will get 2 amazing freebies!

FREE Peace & Calming and FREE Dryer Balls!

Go here to sign up with our team and order your premium starter kit!

**To receive the free Peace & Calming you must order the Dewdrop diffuser.

Stay tuned for another post coming next week where I talk more about using essential oils and a few simple products to DETOXIFY your home! 

Craving Connection

We all have a God-given longing within us for meaningful and authentic relationships. We were created with that longing because God desires relationship with His children. He created us for intimacy. But, getting to that place can be difficult for many of us. I have struggled with friendship over the years. That is probably why I love this new book, Craving Connection, from the (In)Courage writers so much.

This book discusses improving our connections with God, with friends and with our communities. Each day there is a suggestion for engaging those around you, a 3-4 page devotional, connection questions, a prayer and a challenge.

Simple challenges like “text a friend and tell her how much you appreciate her.”

How could your life be different after prayerfully and intentionally connecting with God, friends, and your community?

Craving Connection is a journey where (in)courage writers share real-life stories, practical Scripture application, and connection challenges that will encourage you to find out!

Craving Connection Devotional Kit

Along with the new book, the Illustrated Faith devotional kit for this month goes along with the new book!! It is BEAUTIFUL. Such pretty colors, fonts and flowers!

The new kit is also called Craving Connection

My Unboxing Video


Craving Connection Video from (In)Courage

Find the Book & Illustrated Faith Kit

You can find the book AND the devotional kit at Dayspring! 

1 & 2 Thessalonians: Write the Word. Pray the Word.

1st and 2nd Thessalonians square

I finally have a new Write the Word plan up for you!! I can’t believe how many requests I’ve gotten to KEEP MAKING these Scripture writing plans! I love it when you tell me what is helpful for you! <3

1st & 2nd Thesslonians made a great plan that will take you about a month if you follow this plan!

{You can find Psalm 119, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, James, 1 & 2 Peter, Last Days of Jesus and a Women of the Word plans ALL on this page!}

But why write the Word? Why do we write things down? 

What is “write the word” or a “scripture writing plan?” You can read all about it and watch a video where I explain more by going to this page. 

We write things down that we want to remember.

Why wouldn’t we want to write down the most important Words there are?

His Word is life to us — write it down!

His Word is a treasure — treat it as such!

His Word is comfort to us — allow Him to comfort you as you write.

His Word is conviction to us through His Holy Spirit — soften your heart as you write. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in your life as you write and pray His Word.

Write the Word 1 and 2 Thessalonians PDF

Write the Word 1 and 2 Thessalonians

5 Ways to Behold God in Your Daily Life


“We become what we behold…”

This quote from the book Women of the Word was the inspiration for my Word of the Year…so let’s dig in together and see HOW we can g about BEHOLDING our God in our daily lives!

5 Ways to Behold God in our Daily Lives

1. Daily doses of God’s Word – we become what we behold. Let’s be transformed more and more into HIS image by beholding Him through His Word! Reading His Word, meditating on it, praying through it can all be ways to increase the impact this will have on our hearts.

2. Scripture memory – reading and studying God’s Word is vital! But if we want to be able to pull from His Word even after we’ve set our Bibles down in the morning, we must bind His Words to our heart. Memorizing Scripture is a powerful tool to be used in doing battle with the enemy!

3. Write the Word – we can read His Word, study it, memorize it, pray it and then we can add another discipline to our time in God’s Word: WRITING down His very words! When we take a small chunk of Scripture and write it out, it helps us to truly focus on the words! I have a whole page about this discipline as well as resources and plans to write out various books of the Bible.

4. Worship & Praise music – turn up the music! Filling our minds with praise is a beautiful way to behold God as we go about our day! What is your favorite worship music to listen to? Some of my favorites right now are All Sons & Daughters, Gateway Worship, Bethel Music.

5. Cultivating Gratitude – when we take time to name the things we are thankful for, we can’t help but thank our God, who is the giver of all good gifts. Why don’t you try writing down 3 things you’er thankful for every morning AND every night before bed and see what a difference it makes in your perspective! See a 31 day series on Cultivating Gratitude on the blog if you need more practical ideas for cultivating gratitude in your own life.

What are some ways YOU behold God as you go about your daily life? 


Goals with Grace


Goals with Grace. Do you make goals? Have trouble keeping them? Wonder why even bother? I’m going to share some goals with you for the New Year (I shared all of my goals in this post) as well as some resources that I have loved and have been very helpful for me.

As we enter this season of goal setting, let us go into the process with open hands, surrendered to the will of God as we attempt to steward our best for His glory.

Here is a wonderful outline for setting goals that I read in the new Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling devotional kit this month!


When you are beginning to set your goals, start with prayer. Ask God for His presence and surrender Your will to His.

“Many plans are in a man’s heart, but the Lord’s decree will prevail.” Proverbs 19:21

Open hands and an open heart…we must keep this humble attitude as we make our plans and goals. I want to do the best I can with what God has given me…yet I also acknowledge that God is sovereign and every plan I try to make is still subject to His loving care.


The new devotional kit from Illustrated Faith and Dayspring is called Goals with Grace. Such a perfect theme for this time of year!

As I have been taking time to pray, plan (in all areas of life!) and set goals for myself, I have referred back to this outline above that is described in the devotion from this month’s kit. Ask God for His presence. Assess the current situation and even last year – what worked, what didn’t work, how can you better steward the life God has given you? Ask God for HIS vision for your life.  And then surrender it all back to Him.

My word and theme for this year is BEHOLD. I want to BEHOLD God more and behold my circumstances and myself less. The more time I spend in God’s Word, the more I behold Him, the more I learn of Him, the more I know Him. The more I know Him, the more I trust Him, the more I trust Him, the better I am prepared to surrender my own plans and goals and willingly submit to HI=is loving care.

{I liked this page from the devotional so much I tore it out and taped it into my Bible!}


More New Year & Goals Inspiration

Unboxing Video

Goals with Grace Devotional Kit

Walk through this 14-day devotional journey greatly anticipating God to meet you right where you are as you set daily, monthly, and yearly goals, and as devotional writer, Bailey Jean, graciously leads all to get eyes and hearts focused on the ultimate goal, Jesus Christ.  “The rest of our goals don’t matter if we aren’t set on THE goal.  May our goals point to Him.  May our goal be MORE of Him.”  —Bailey Jean
Product Details:

  • 1 plastic pouch
  • 1 devotional booklet
  • 1 clear stamp collection
  • 1 roll of washi tape
  • 1 sheet of cut-out paper pieces
  • 2 cardstock sticker sheets
  • 3 tip-ins
  • 1 magnet
  • 1 thank you card from Shanna

Do you have any tips for setting goals? Keeping goals? Follow through? I would love to hear your tips!

Favorite Essential Oil Roller Bottle Blends



I had so much fun creating blends for several friends and family members this Christmas season! I wanted to get some of these recipes down on paper so I won’t forget them the next time I go to whip up another roller bottle!

For more info on essential oils, please read this page!

{If you purchase a premium starter kit through my link in January 2017, I will send you a FREE 1-ounce bottle of Thieves waterless hand sanitizer & an app to use on your phone! Go here to sign up as a wholesale member! If you do sign up with my link please send me an email so I can add you to our facebook group with Dr. Edie and send you your freebies!}

Print this free PDF to use! Let me know if you try one of my favorite recipes!



Favorite Oily Accessories

  • For Christmas gifts, I found these lovely roller bottles from an Etsy shop to use! They are so pretty!! Perfect for gift giving!
  • This is the carrier oil that I use to fill all my roller recipes
  • My favorite roller bottles are the metal rollers from Young Living, however. They are so much sturdier and the oils go on so smoothly! You can purchase a pack of 10 tops for $9.75 when you are a wholesale member. These fit on the actual Young Living bottles so you can make your own blends or put a roller ball on top of an existing favorite to roll right on!
  • Roller bottles from amazon are also very affordable, I have used this particular kind for a few years now as well. My first preference is the metal balls from YL, but I have used these with success as well!
  • The premium starter kit that you purchase to become a wholesale member comes with a free DIFFUSER, which is my VERY favorite essential oil accessory! I am trying to collect enough to have them in all our bedrooms now!
  • My essential oil carrier bag for my purse that I LOVE! It is so sturdy and thick and well made! Mine will hold 10 bottles I think!

Premium Starter Kit

LOOK at all you get in the starter kit!! <3



10 Discipleship Questions to Ask in the New Year


As we look ahead to 2017 with hopes, dreams, prayers and visions, these are some wonderful questions to think and pray through!

You can see the 10 goals I’m working toward in this post.

More Reflections & Inspiration for the New Year

**I also encourage you to listen to this podcast by Sally Clarkson about guarding and preparing our hearts as we pray about the New Year and the goals we hope to set!

**This prayer from Desiring God is wonderful. I think I’m going to print it out and read it with my family.

**Scripture Memory plan with Beth Moore

**If you’re looking for a BIBLE READING PLAN in 2017, I listed several of my favorite ideas here!

10 Questions to Consider

Print this PDF and pray through these questions as you make plans and goals for 2017!