Huge Bible Journaling Give Away

I am SO excited about this give away!! Y’all, I have to tell you! I have been using these amazing Bible Journaling products for over a year now. I LOVE the products that Dayspring and Illustrated Faith puts out to encourage women to be in God’s Word!

I have been decluttering around my home and realized I could NEVER use this much washi tape, all of these stamps, ink pads and amazing items.

So, I want to SHARE THE LOVE with one of you!!

This box of goodies will go to ONE blessed winner and contains HUNDREDS of dollars of Bible journaling items as well as a few other goodies I am putting in the box!

All of the items in the box are from Dayspring & Illustrated Faith. There are multiple Devotional Journaling Kits, zipper bags, stamp sets, washi tape, patterned paper, ink stamps and more.

Give Away Details

Please click on this Rafflecopter Give Away to be entered!

U.S. entrants only.Β Give Away ends 5/15

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New Products in the Shop

Head to the shop to see new mugs & notecards!Β 

New Facebook Page!

Guess what? After 8-9 years of blogging I have finally created a Facebook page for this blog! I wanted to be sure and tell you about it so you can head over and “like” it!

Join me on Facebook, my hope is to share more encouragement and resources from all over the web for growing our faith and prayer lives! So often I find things from around the web that I would love to share with you, and this will be a fabulous way to do that!

ALSO, pay attention over on the Facebook page, I will be giving away a few of my products very soon!! You could win a mug, an ebook, some free printables or a hymn necklace!

Click here and “like!”Β 

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February Subscriber Freebie

New Subscriber Freebie Graphic

Y’all. If you ever have design needs, my sweet friend Melinda, knocks it out of the park each and every time. {Check out her portfolio here.} She designed the covers and formatted the insides of BOTH of my books. She made the free printable for Wait Only Upon God. And NOW she is making these GORGEOUS printables for me each month.

Free for Subscribers for 1 Week

This printable will be FREE for subscribers for ONE WEEK. After the week is up, they will be $2.50 in my shop.

{Click here to see a list of what subscribers receive free.}Β 

Click here to subscribe:

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Watch Your Inbox

This free printable will be sent to my subscribers on SATURDAY, FEB. 28th. Subscribe before then so you can grab it. πŸ™‚

On Saturday, March 7th the freebie page will go down and it will appear in my shop for $2.50.

Lovely Gift Idea

This would be so beautiful printed on watercolor paper (or such) and put in a frame. A very nice gift idea! I’m already dreaming up where I’m going to hang mine in my home…

You can print this on any kind of paper as well.

Add Mod Podge, Matte FinishΒ with a thick brush for a glossy, water-color look to make this even more special!


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Changes in Subscriber Freebies

Hi, sweet friends!! This post is to let you know of a few changes coming your way in regard to how you RECEIVE your FREEBIES when you SUBSCRIBE!! Yipee….as this blog continues to grow and change as the Lord leads, I try to get *more organized* and hopefully these changes will be BETTER and EASIER for you in the long run as a subscriber to His Mercy Is New.

First of all, the password protected page was creating some issues…the password wouldn’t always work (it wouldn’t always work for me and I’m the one that created it! ha!) So I began looking for better ways to get your freebies to you!

First, I want to mention some NEW and exciting freebies coming your way…

New Lovely Printable Each Month

Each month, I am going to share a lovely printable with you that my dear friend is creating just for you! (She is the same one who created the covers for my ebooks and she does FABULOUS work.)

After ONE WEEK, these printables will be placed in my shop for $2.50 each. But, my SUBSCRIBERS will get FREE access to these printables for that one week! Woot!

For subscribers — FREE FOR ONE WEEK.Β 

Sometimes this printable will be a pretty Scripture or quote to frame (8×10) other times this printable will be something useful that you can print and use alongside your Bible reading or such. Or maybe even Scripture cards. I’m excited about some of the ideas I have to share with you!

Discounts to the Shop

I will also send out a DISCOUNT CODE {periodically} good or anything in my shop!! {Psssst. have you seen the new mugs? The discount will be for these too!}

No More Freebie Page

Instead of having one page where ALL the freebies are located, NEW subscribers will begin receiving the free ebooks and such in an email with a link so you can get that freebie specifically. I plan to send THAT LINK to all my CURRENT subscribers so that you don’t miss out on old freebies that maybe you didn’t get to download right away.

Thank You!

I’m so thankful that you continue to stop by this little space on the web and that you find encouragement in what God is giving me to share. I spend a lot of time praying about posts and what might be a blessing to you. So, it truly blesses me when you subscribe and it also is confirmation that I’m moving the right direction!! xoxo

Please feel free to email me or comment if you have resources you would like to see here!

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5 Amazing Podcasts for Bloggers

5 Amazing Podcasts for Bloggers

I have listened to podcasts off and on over the years, but it was only recently when I tried to start being more intentional about listening to podcasts for the purpose of encouragement, challenging me in my faith and on my online life, being more intentional with my time and even business and strategic tips. I have found several that I subscribe to that I keep going back to. These are my very favorites! {And choosing to be more intentional with my time goes hand in hand with my word of the year: confidence, in Christ.}Β 

In the comments section tell me what YOUR favorite podcasts for blogging are, I’m sure there are others out there that I haven’t come across yet!

5 Podcasts for Bloggers

Blogging Your Passion – this is a great podcast for those of us wanting to take our blogs to the “next level” so to speak. They discuss things like monetizing, SEO, Ebooks, blogging challenges, ways to make your blog stand out, etc.

How They Blog – this might be my favorite right now. πŸ™‚ Kat Lee, whose blog I’ve read for years, interviews some of our favorite bloggers who may be a little farther down the road than we are. She discusses things like finding balance online, taking action, shop owning, blogging breaks, blogging tools, and lots of “how-to” type podcasts FROM popular bloggers!

Influence Network Β – this is a new favorite of mine. I love the ladies at the Influence Network. I just recently found their stuff and began following along. The Influence Network is a community of women dedicated to helping women make their online time mean something. Well, that’s me! They talk about using your blog for God’s glory, online ministry, and they interview ladies who are out in the world with amazing ministries and online shops.

Smart Passive Income – this is a podcast by Pat Flynn, an online entrepreneur and business strategist. So, this podcast is full of online business tips, blogging strategies, income sources, marketing tips, etc.

Smart Time Online – this podcast is dedicated to helping us make SMARTER decisions online and in our online businesses. Each episode has actionable strategies for many of the blogging and business related topics. Also thing like habits of successful business folks, and productivity practices.

I like to think of podcasts as “continuing my education.” I’m always working to make this blog better, to communicate more effectively and to ENCOURAGE you more effectively. That is my heart! I love learning new things and am SO excited to have you along for the ride!

So, tell me, what are your favorite podcasts??



Your 10 Favorite Posts from 2014

Top 10 Posts from 2014

I love looking at what posts YOU liked the most over the past year! And this year, I have to admit, I was pretty SHOCKED by my #1 post!! Ha!!

According to google analytics, and how many VIEWS each post received, this is the top 10 posts from 2014 for His Mercy is New.

Most Clicked Posts in 2014

  1. 4 Ingredient Crustless QuicheΒ — Ok y’all. This recipe has been pinned and pinned, thousands of times. It continues to bring in hundreds of hits daily. LOL!! It cracks me up because it’s so simple AND I’m not a food blogger. Yet this is my most clicked post. Maybe I should start posting more recipes. HA! Nope, don’t worry…another top post on this blog was 20 Recipes for Moms Who HATE Cooking. ha!
  2. Praying Scriptures of Thanksgiving
  3. October: Let’s Pray the Scriptures for Our FamiliesΒ – this is another post that shocked and THRILLED my heart. This was just announcing the 31 Day series…and it got pinned and pinned thousands of times. I was SO excited that so many of you wanted to join me in praying for our families in October!! It was because this post became so popular that I started considering writing an ebook and creating more resources on this topic. I still get giddy thinking about all of us praying for our families in October!!
  4. Memory Work for Each MonthΒ – have you checked out this page yet? FREE Memory Work plans for the entire year! 1 Scripture, 1 Hymn and 1 Poem with copy work and printables for you as well!
  5. Praying the Scriptures For Your FamilyΒ – the 31 day series landing page – go print your free bookmarks if you haven’t printed them yet!
  6. 30 Days of Praying the PsalmsΒ – a FREEBIE for subscribers!
  7. Hope: The Anchor For My Soul {FREE Devotionals}
  8. Say Goodbye to Survival Mode {Book Review}
  9. Teaching Art with the Help of Pinterest
  10. 20 Meal Ideas for the Mom Who Hates Cooking

Thank YOU for making this such a great year for His Mercy is New. My readers are the best. I appreciate each and every email response, the encouraging words and for the times you’ve reached out to tell me that a post meant something special to you. I actually save those emails, ya know?! It means a lot to me that you stop by this little space in the midst of your busy lives, and when you take time to connect and reach out to me, I just love it.

Happy New Year, friends!


Subscribe by email: UPDATE

Ya’ll, I have so much to learn! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sticking around here and for your patience as I figure things out on this end of my new blog.

So, I mentioned sometime a week or two ago that you could subscribe by email. And, then, if you did, you probably got NOTHING from me! LOL!

I didn’t’ have it completely set up right, as I learned this past weekend.

So, NOW, I *think* I have it working.

If you ALREADY subscribed, you should have received an email in your inbox today with all my posts from the past week. I decided to do a WEEKLY email subscription so you won’t get emails every single day. I thought this might be a little better for some of you. (I would LOVE to hear from you if you DID receive the email this morning!! I hope it worked! ha!)

I am calling it Monday’s Mercies…and you should receive it each Monday morning, and it will contain the posts from the past week here on the blog.

From time to time I may put a little “extra” in there that you won’t receive on the blog, as a thank you for subscribing. Maybe an encouraging word or devotional for the week, or something along those lines. I’m still learning…I may figure out better ways to do this in the future! For now, I’m just hoping it will work!!


Thank you for continuing to read here at His Mercy is New. YOU are a blessing to me!! If there is anything you’d like to see more of around here, please do let me know!

8 Reasons I Read Blogs

Lately I’ve been over-thinking why exactly I continue blogging. So, in an effort to examine why others *might* read my blog, I decided to think about why I personally love reading blogs. I am an avid blog reader. I have lots of favorites. πŸ™‚


Why I read the blogs I read…

1. Encouragement ~ this is one of my favorite things about blogs. I read A Holy Experience and know I’m not alone in my mommy-insanity moments…yet her posts also direct me to God, which I love. Probably the one other blog that encourages me each time I click over is The Heart of My Home. Elizabeth encourages me in mothering so much. Just reading her blog over the years has made me a better mom.

2. Ideas & Resources ~ this goes without saying. There are certain blogs I read to find homeschooling ideas, unit studies, or craft ideas to tie in. Walking by the Way always inspires me to read MORE with my kids! I love fellow homeschooling blogs.

3. Deals ~ there are so many deal blogs out there, you really just need to find the ones that help YOUR specific family and not feel like you need to find them all. I read Mom Creative because I always get photo deals and Dayspring deals! I’ve saved a lot of money just because I read blogs!

4. Motivation ~ certain blogs I read motivate me to live a better life. Some of the blogs I read I have in my blog reader specifically because I need to be motivated in a certain area. I read 100 Dollars a Month because she motivates me to stop spending so much darn money and grow more, save more! I read Wellness Mama because she motivates me to put healthier things into my body.

5. Laughter ~ I admit it, sometimes I need to laugh. I have a few blogs I can turn to that I know will cheer me up. Big Mama is one of those, and so is Camp Patton.

6. Spiritual Insights ~ I love reading Living Proof Ministries blog because I love Beth Moore as a teacher. I love her devotional videos, her funny stories and reading about why she chooses certain verses to memorize. I also enjoy Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet because her adoration posts spur me to love The Lord more.

7. Home ~ I love reading blogs that match my home decor style. And you just have to find blogs that meet that for you. I have gotten so many home decorating ideas from Nester and The Pleated Poppy. I love both of their homes and the pics they share!!

8. Blogs about blogging. πŸ™‚ I know it’s crazy, but blogging and social media have taken a life of their own. I have a message to share on my blog and I love learning new and better ways to do that! I especially love reading the advice from Jimmie Lanley and Amy Lynn Andrews. Those 2 ladies have taught me a lot and they don’t even know it. πŸ™‚

So, why do you read blogs? I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a favorite blog or ten? πŸ™‚ Do tell!

You can now subscribe by email!



Ya’ll, I am moving up in the world! ha! You can now subscribe to His Mercy is New by email! Woo-hoo.

Subscribing by email just means that every time I post on my blog, you will receive an email with that blog post in it. You don’t even have to click over here to my pretty little space. πŸ™‚

Now, if you’re like me, you probably don’t want a bunch of emails in your inbox, I actually prefer reading blogs in a reader like Bloglovin or Feedly. BUT, I know some people prefer to read blogs this way! I had someone ask me about this recently, so I looked into it and found a way to add this to my blog!

Above you can see exactly where you should add your email to subscribe. I have added my own email to test it out and it works. πŸ™‚ After you submit your email, though, there is nothing happening on the screen to show you that it has been added successfully. But, I did receive a “welcome” email to let me know I was subscribed, so if you don’t receive that, come back and try again.

Thank you so much for reading!! You are a blessing to me!Β 

My New Home at WordPress!

If you follow me on a blog reader or just follow on facebook, you may not have noticed, but a HUGE change took place at my blog a few days ago!!

My blog got moved to wordpress! Woo-hoo! Now, the domain name has NOT changed, so is still where you will find me! But, behind the scenes there was a lot happening!

I wanted to share this with you for several reasons…


First of all, the guy who moved my blog for me, is the owner of Boomerang Designs. You might be interested to know that he is the guy behind the recent new Five in a Row site & blog as well as Heidi St. John’s new site! {And for those of you super curious souls out there – like me – he is my sister-in-law’s brother! ha!} There are lots of things he is doing with his new business: web design, web hosting, social networking, search engine optimization strategies, graphic design and more. I will say that moving my blog from blogger was waaaaay more than I could have managed. I would have blown up the internet. But I highly recommend you move over if you’re thinking of it!!

He and his wife just recently moved to Louisville, KY to attend seminary. His wife is a fabulous photographer, if you happen to need one in that area. They would love your support in both of these endeavors as they raise their 2 little boys and attend seminary full time.

Secondly, I wanted to share about my move with you because things are being moved, changed and even deleted. πŸ™‚ I have been blogging for over 7 years. Sheesh! I’m a bit more wordy on the blog than in real life. Ha! And I have posts that are just pointless now that need to be deleted.

I also lost quite a few pictures at some point on blogger and never figured that out. So, some of those posts will be re-worked as I get time in the future and some will not.

At this point, there are a LOT of broken links. I’m working on a few at a time. πŸ™‚

Thanks for visiting and for your patience in all this!!

Finally, a few ways for you to give me some feedback:

  • if you see something that is gone and you’d like it back, please let me know! I can try! (one of my first commenters on the new site asked for the FIAR tab to be put back in clear view, so it is now under my homeschooling tab. I will say that some of my older FIAR posts are the ones that lost pictures and so they may be going bye-bye, but truly, it’s OK, there are so many more wonderful resources out there for FIAR these days!!)
  • I added a disclaimer page that explains my affiliate relationships as well as give aways, reviews, etc!
  • A new contact form! yay! You can now contact me via my blog and it will come straight to my inbox!
  • A newly updated About Me page ~ take a peek. πŸ™‚ Anything you would like me to add?

I have a LOT to learn when it comes to wordpress. It is a big learning curve. But, I’m excited to learn new things and so happy that you decided to come over and visit!!